CHUM - Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Montpellier


The University Hospital Center of Montpellier (CHUM) is the sixth french hospital and the reference centre in Languedoc Roussillon Region. 

The CHUM is ranked 7th at the national level in terms of scientific publications. The Innnovation and Research Departement (DRI) of the CHUM is in charge of providing expertise in terms of methodology for the setting-up and follow-up of clinical research projects involving many clinical centers in France and in Europe. It has taken in part in a high number41 of FP7 and H2020european project on Health projects as a coordinator or partner. Another unit of the DRI is in charge of partnerships with private companies, for technology transfers, clinical trials and national or translational collaborative projects. In total, the Clinical research department follows 500 projects.


CHUM is a recognized centre of excellence in rheumatology (Award from EULAR). 

The Immuno-Rheumatology/Therapeutic clinical department at the CHUM is headed by Pr Christian Jorgensen and consists of 18 people dedicated since 15 years to rheumatology consultation, clinical trials and medical training, as well as research teams’ projects support. The team has been involved in several EU programmes: a clinical programme for OA using cell therapy (osteoarthritis, ADIPOA1 and ADIPOA 2), the IMI call topic on Inflammation-Translational research and Adaptative Immunity (BeTheCure), the FP7-Health-2007 EUROTRAPS. 

CHUM has well-established clinical services providing an ideal set-up for clinical and basic science research: Intra-articular injections, Imaging and US facilities. Trained nurses and CRA are available for research in the rheumatology department. The Clinical unit is dedicated to clinical research with comprehensive clinical data being collected in a refined and robust web-based patient registry (data management, e-CRF). The infrastructure developed for this study and subsequent studies (clinical registry linked with central biobanking banking facility) will facilitate further prospective biomarker evaluation, specifically flow cytometry or epigenetic signatures that might predict responsiveness to specific treatments or treatment discontinuation. 


The Economic Evaluation Unit of CHUM aims at responding to the challenges of the health care system by improving its efficacy, efficiency and equity. 

It is a multi-disciplinary team in charge of the assessment of health technology including: pharmaceuticals, medical device & equipment, and organizational & e-health innovations. We provide policy-makers with research information about the effectiveness, costs and organizational impact of innovations. To that end, we design studies aiming at assessing the cost-effectiveness, cost-utility, budget impact and out-of-pocket burden of innovations.

We are health economics experts in almost 30 national and international research projects, we are leading a national research project on potentially avoidable hospitalizations (funding PREPS 2015) and are involved in the Wennberg International Collaborative on variation in healthcare.

The Economic Evaluation Unit of the Montpellier Teaching Hospital was the first one in France to compare different costing methods in the inpatient setting and to publish a nationwide analysis of potentially avoidable hospitalizations.



 Composition de l'équipe


Prof. Christian JORGENSEN, MD PhD


specialist in Therapeutics and Rheumatology, is head of the Institute for Regenerative medicine and head of a research unit at CHUM (“Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Joint Environment and Immunotherapy of Rheumatoid arthritis”) Hôpital Saint Eloi – INM (Montpellier – France). Since 2007, he has led this group of 35 permanent researchers dedicated to therapeutic innovations in the field of arthritis and diseases of the cartilage.

C. Jorgensen is a professor in the Faculty of Medicine Montpellier-Nimes (responsible for the DESC Therapeutics), responsible for teaching the Master Program, "Evaluation & methodology of therapeutic trials”. C Jorgensen has published extensively (over 180 publications in the field of Immunology and stem cell therapy applied to rheumatic  and has a strong funding record for competitive research grants at European and French levels. He coordinated the FP6 integrated project, Genostem: Adult mesenchymal stem cells engineering for connective tissue disorders (2004-2007). He was also principal investigator in the FP6 integrated project, Autocure: Post-genomic Approaches for inflammatory rheumatic disease, leading to the development of improved therapy. Finally, he is a lead partner the FP7 ADIPOA project, a large scale project focused on adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells in OA therapy and is now a principal investigator in ADIPOA2 (H2020), Clinical trial of autologous adipose-derived mesenchymal stromal cells (ASC) in the treatment of mild to moderate OA.

Since 2010, he has served as a member of the national Inserm scientific board as well as coordinator of ECELLFRANCE, the French national infrastructure dedicated to stem cell therapy.



Yves-Marie PERS, MD 


is a research leader in the clinical unit ( and is coordinating the RIC-SUD network, that currently enrolled more than 1700 patients affected by RA. In terms of basic sciences, he is studying the microRNA signature of stem cells related to their immunosuppressive functions.





is active in clinical research and care of patients with OA.




is the clinical trial coordinator of the clinical unit, she is involved in the coordination of the RESPINE clinical trial in the different clinical centres in Europe.



Michele Moya,


has worked as a clinical research assistant during 15 years in rheumatology in the clinic. She has 5 years of experience in the field of clinical research with both national and European projects at CHUM.



Danièle NOEL, PhD 


is the head of the group "Mesenchymal stem cells and cartilage repair: regeneration, inflammation and senescence", which comprises 4 senior researchers (CHUM), two engineers as well as post-doctoral fellows and doctoral students at the Inserm Institute, in the division U844. The objectives of her group are to identify the mechanisms regulating the process of regeneration of articular cartilage in MSC-based cell therapy approaches.



Marie-Christine PICOT, MD


Methodological medicine involved in protocol development, statistical analysis and publication assistance, DIM - Department of Medical Information





Research associate in the internal promotion of the DRI. she ensures the regulatory set-up of the project and in the monitoring of clinical data during the clinical trial (WP4) 





Project manager in the European affairs unit. She participated in the submission of the European project from the first phase. she ensures the management of the project at the the management, the financial and regulatory level.




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