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Citospin ( is a Technology-Based Innovative Enterprise (EBT) based at the Valladolid University Scientific Park. Citospin has been approved by the Spanish Medicine Agency for manufacturing GMP-compliant products for human cell therapy. The catalogue of GMP cell products includes presently: Valladolid bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells (MSV®), both for autologous and allogeneic use, limbal stem cells, fat mesenchymal stem cells, skin equivalents, fibroblasts and tissue engineering in a propietary scaffold with different cell types for the several clinical applications. Each one of these protocols has been approved by the Spanish Medicinal Agency.  Citospin shares cell production facilities in the Scientific Park with the UVA research group. Prof. Ana Sánchez is Technical Director and Administrator of Citospin, and has been actively involved in Cell Therapy research since 2001.


Team composition


Prof. Ana Sánchez, MD PhD


Professor of Physiology. Administrator of Citospin, S.L.. Dr. Ana Sánchez has a long history in regenerative medicine. She was co-founder of the Spanish Cell Therapy Network, a very active researcher in the field, especially in translational efforts for implementation in clinical practice. She set up the first public GMP-compliant Cell Production facility authorized by the Spanish Medicine Agency which has been the drive behind not less than 15 clinical trials in the last 8 years. 


Mercedes Alberca, PhD


Production Manager. In charge of Clean Room since 2007. She is an expert in laboratory techniques for cell therapy including cytometry. Member of TerCel. 


Jesús Fernández,


Maintenance Manager since 2006. Responsible for procedure validations. 


Virginia Gordillo,.


Responsible for documentation and quality control. 






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