French Partners

 CNRS - Centre National de Recherche Scientifique 


The investigations of our team are devoted and focused on Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) from adipose tissue and bone marrow and their putative use in regenerative medicine. From such source, they have isolated, characterized and cultured different cell types able to regenerate vascular bed as well as osteoarticular tissues (see ref). In previous FP networks (Genostem then ADIPOA and REBORNE), they have compared MSC from bone marrow and ASC (Adipose-Derived Stromal Cells) at genomic, proteomic differentiation capability and secretome levels. The team concluded that although both cells share numerous properties they display specific features, which suggests their preferential commitment towards specific differentiation programs. Recently a patent on the key role of a secreted protein on these immunomodulary functions was filed. 

In collaboration with EFS, they set-up and scale up a GMP culture process that has been used in several clinical trials including a bi-centre trial on Osteo Arthritis. One of the present aims of the team is to set-up efficient and relevant quality and potency cell tests for a French national facility (ECellFrance, University of Montpellier) for using MSC in regenerative medicine.

Team composition


Prof. Louis Casteilla, PhD 


Prof. Cell and molecular physiology (Toulouse III University, France)

Director UMR 5073 UPS/ CNRS/EFS, U1031 Inserm “STROMALab” and head of Team “Adipose tissue plasticity”.



Sophie Dupuis-Coronas, PhD


Main research focus:  characterize phenotypically and functionally different subsets of native MSCsl in bone marrow and adipose tissue. 



Mélanie Gadelorges, 


Engineering at the EFS since 2004. Participated in the development and drafting of protocols for the production of bone marrow MSC in the feasibility clinical trial MESAMI, with the aim of treating chronic ischemic heart failure.

Main activity dedicated to optimizing and securing the growing conditions of bone marrow MSC or ADSC (Adipose-Derived Stromal Cells) for therapeutic use.



Frédéric Deschazeaux, PhD


Ph.D. in Health sciences - Currently researcher at the EFS-PM

Main research focus: characterization of MSCs and the molecular signals controlling development and differentiation of such cells during normal and abnormal osteogenesis. 






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