Workpackage 6 : Intelectual Property and Innovation Management, Exploitation /  Business Planning

Objectives :


Intelectual Property and Innovation Management


• To set up and implement a procedure for the validation of scientific publications. 

• To set up and implement a procedure for the documentation and protection of knowledge with the most adequate scheme available for each case. 

• To bring ideas and results arising from the project toward the innovation of treatments and related production processes and clinical services.


Exploitation and Business Planning


• To assess markets, competitors and key medico-economic issues. 

• To liaise with targeted end-users and early adopters, to discern any evolution of their needs or specifications.

• To refine the strategy for initial market introduction.

• To follow-up risks for the exploitation of results.

• To prepare a complete business case for bringing project results successfully to the clinical market.


CHUM, UVa, APHP, CHU of Nantes, Citospin, Univercell Biosolutions, NUIG and CNRS participate to this workpackage.